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Joana Providência

Born in Braga, in 1965.

Her first studies in dance were with Fernanda Canossa.

In 1989 she finished the course at Escola Superior de Dança of the IPL.

Joana Providência belongs to the Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo, as a teacher in charge of the movement department of the Interpretation course, since 1995.

She is part of the school's theatre company, a ACE/Teatro do Bolhão, as a member of its artistic direction.

As a choreographer, Joana Providência has developed a personal language of composition, that privileges the relation interpreter/choreographer. The pattern of her creative process is based on a dialogue built from the presentation of a series of proposals for which the performers develop answers. The importance of the word (the text is one of the starting points), the use of architectural spaces (as elements of the creative process), the choice of the actors (justified by their capacity of integrating word and movement) are structural elements of her work.

As a choreographer she has developed several projects of which she points out, “ Terra Quente, Terra Fria “from the work of Graça Morais, a coproduction ACE-Teatro do Bolhão/Teatro Municipal de Bragança, “ Ladrões de Almas” a coproduction ACE-Teatro do Bolhão/ Culturgest, and “mão na boca” a coproduction ACE-Teatro do Bolhão/ Fundação de Serralves, from the work of Paula Rego, “Mecanismos” , a show that honoured her the prize Sete de Ouro – Prémio Revelação. She has participated in several festivals, such as: New Moves, Glasgow (Scotland), Festival de Otoño /Madrid, Spring Dance (Holland) and Klapstuck (Belgium), Tanzplattform (Frankfurt).

Providência's work is versatile and multilayered with a strong emphasis on its visual character. Her creations include colaborations with other artists and interpreters, many of them with a background in acting, which allows her to take the choreographies beyond conventional dance shows.

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