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Obtains a degree in Theater by completing 2 & ordm; Cycle of the Bietápica Degree in Theater, taught by ESAP-Escola Superior Artística do Porto;


Completion of the Higher Dance course in the Educational area, where he highlights work with Gil Mendo, Madalena Victorino, António Pinto Ribeiro, Maria José Fazenda, Nuno Carinhas, Ricardo Pais, Barbara Fewester, Vasco Wallenkamp;


Attends the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship for the Higher Education Dance Course, at the Escola Superior de Dança of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon;


General high school completion;


Attends and concludes several degrees of the "Royal Academy of Dancing" with Fernanda Canossa.



Attends several courses in contemporary dance technique, choreographic composition and theater with Loïc Touzé (Contemporary Dance Technique), Sérgio Plágio (the influence of sound on choreographic creation), Urs Stauffer (contact-improvisation) ; Emmanuelle Huynh (Contemporary Dance), Cécile Mont-Reynaud, Sébastien Bruas, Rómulo Pelliza (Aéreos), Hélder Seabra (Choreography), Andreas Dyrdal (Contemporary Dance), Guillermo Heras (From Text to Representation in the Contemporary Scene).


Attends several workshops with: Alessandro Libertini (Piccoli Principi - Italy), Sandra Meladnovitch (Le Coque - Paris), Marion Gough (Laban Center); Ann Pappoulis (Cunningham technique), Lance Gries (Trisha Brown Company), Gilles Estran (Alexander technique), Vera Orlock (Body Mind Centering), Malou Airado and Helena Majnoni (Pina Baush Company), Meg Stuart, Howard Sonnenklar (contact-improvisation ), Kurt Koegle (contact-improvisation).


Participates, as a guest, in the 2nd European Choreographic Forum in Dartington, Great-Bertanha.


Receives a grant from the French Government to attend a Relaxation Techniques course at the Théâtre Contemporain de La Danse, Paris


Jury in academic tests

Master's exams.

  • The Jury, as an examiner, is part of the Public Trials for the Defense of the Final Work of the Master in Performing Arts - Specialization Interpretation / Artistic Direction of ESMAE-IPP, by Ana Rita Camões Reis, with the Work Final titled: MiseEnSon: sound as dramaturgy for scenic composition, videoconference, February 11, 2021.

  • The Jury is a member of the Public Examinations for the Defense of the Final Work of the Master in Performing Arts - Specialization Interpretation / Artistic Direction of ESMAE-IPP, by SOLVEIG PHYLLIS ROCHER-PURCHASE, entitled: Reflections of a dancing archivist November 5, 2019, at 2:30 pm.

  • The Jury is a member of the Public Examinations for the Defense of the Final Work of the Master's Degree in Theater / Staging and Interpretation, ESMAE-IPP, by Renato Luís Oliveira Morais, entitled: Tu. And the others? - the influence of social networks on altering human behavior (premiered at the SET Festival - Week of Theater Schools - ESMAE, July 2017), November 15, 2017.

  • 1993/2021

    Teaches Movement in the Interpretation Course of ACE - art school.


    Teaches Movement in the Interpretation Course of the Contemporary Academy of Espectáculo do Porto,



    Teaches Laboratory in the Degree in Theater at the University of Minho,


    Teaches Body and Movement and Theater Practice V in the Dramatic Arts Degree at Universidade Lusófona do Porto.


    Teaches Laboratory in the Degree in Theater at the University of Minho; 2016/2017 teaches Body and Movement I in the Degree in Dramatic Arts at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto;



    Teaches Dance Methodology in the Community and Choreographic Composition in the courses of "Forum Dança" in Lisbon and Porto.


    Participates in the BilboArte Festival, leading a Movement Workshop at Casa das Cruces - Bilbao.


    Teaches Movement in the Interpretation Course of the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts of Porto.


    Monitor in the Dance workshops of the Pedagogy and Animation Center (CPA) of the Centro Cultural de Belém.


    Teaches dance training seminars in the Azores, Cape Verde, Lisbon and Porto.


    Begins teaching in Educational Dance at the Escola Superior de Educação do Porto.


    Integrates the state project "Culture Begins at School".


    Successfully proposes to the "Royal Academy of Dancing" exams to her students.



    Premiere Imaginary Families at Teatro de Campo Alegre, coproduction Teatro do Bolhão and Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto;


    Premiere Brave Gestures at the José de Guimarães International Arts Center, coproduction Teatro do Bolhão and Oficina;


    Premiere Auto-Acusação by Peter Handke, in partnership with Maria do Céu Ribeiro, at Rivoli Teatro Municipal, coproduction Teatro do Bolhão and Rivoli Teatro Municipal do Porto;

    Premiere “A Viagem” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Production Teatro do Bolhão.


    Premiere Rumor at the National Theater of São João / Festival DDD, co-production Bolhão Theater and TNSJ;

    Presents Vestígio at Teatro Diogo Bernardes, presents Sophia de Mello Breyner's Oriana Fairy Quartel das Artes, Espaço do Tempo Montemor o Novo;

    Premiere Estranhões e Bizarrocos with text by Eduardo Agualusa, produced by Teatro do Bolhão.

    Premiere O Baile das Coisas Important, text by Afonso Cruz coproduction Teatro do Bolhão / CCVF / EGEAC. Support Lapa do Lobo Foundation.


    Premiere Vestígio, from the photographic work of Georges Dussaud co-production Teatro do Bolhão, Municipal Theater of Bragança, Municipal Theater of Vila Real;

    It presents Sophia Oriana by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen at the Bolhão Palace, Convento São Francisco.


    Premiere Concerns, co-production Teatro do Bolhão Teatro Municipal Rivoli;

    Premiere Poemas do Pé para a Mão, with text by Regina Guimarães in Co-production Teatro Maria Matos and Teatro do Bolhão;

    Premiere Without Subtitles a production by Rivoli Teatro Municipal in partnership with Luís Miguel Cerqueira;

    Presents at the Serralves Autumn Party A Family is a Family;


    Premiere A Family is a Family with text by Eugénio Roda, produced by Teatro do Bolhão;

    Premiere Before You Begin with text by Almada Negreiros, co-production Teatro do Bolhão and Teatro Municipal de Bragança;

    Debut Everything is Dead While Lives in partnership with Joana Castro, produced by Teatro Universitário do Porto;


    Premiere Território based on the work of Alberto Carneiro nominated for the SPA award for best choreography, Co-production Teatro do Bolhão, Culturgest and Comédias do Minho;

    Premiere Opposites Well-disposed with text by Eugénio Roda at Teatro Maria Matos, co-production Teatro do Bolhão, Teatro Maria Matos and Casa da Música;


    Premiere Catabrisa based on illustrations by Gémeo Luis with text by Eugénio Roda at Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, co-production Teatro Maria Matos / Comédias do Minho / Casa da Musica / Lapa do Lobo / Teatro do Montijo.

    Presented in “Serralves em Festa’12” Stories Suspended 360 radar and Partinturas by students of 2 & ordm; year of the Contemporary Show Academy.

    Presents Menina do Mar at Teatro do Bolhão Porto, Theatro Circo Braga, Cultural Center of Ílhavo, Municipal Theater of Portimão.


    Premiere Terra Quente, Terra Fria co-production Teatro do Bolhão / Teatro Municipal de Bragança, with presentation Bragança, Porto, Vila Real and Braga.

    Presents in “Serralves em Festa’11” Contact Evidence by students of 2 & ordm; year of the Contemporary Show Academy.


    Premiere Menina do Mar produced by Teatro do Bolhão, and presents Mechanisms at the Dance Platform in Frankfurt, and shows a retrospective at the Teatro da Cerca / Escola da Noite in Coimbra.


    Presents a Retrospective Exhibition of the work carried out between 1989/2009 Teatro do Bolhão, Teatro Constantino Nery Matosinhos, Theatro Circo de Braga; Cape Verde Mindelo Cultural Center with support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

    Premiere Suspended Stories at Teatro Maria Matos, co-production Teatro Maria matos / Radar 360, with presentations at CCB, Casa das Histórias, Casa da Musica, Asturias Gijon International Festival.


    Premiere Ladrões de Almas from the text Lugar Lugar by Herberto Hélder, co-production Culturgest / Teatro do Bolhão, presented in: Lisboa Culturgest, Teatro do Bolhão, Theatro Circo de Braga, Teatro Constantino Nery Matosinhos .


    Premiere Gulliver from an adaptation by Luísa Ducla Soares, presented at Porto Teatro do Bolhão, Casa das Artes de Famalicão, Municipal Theater of Vila Real.


    Reinstates Sophia de Mello Breyner's Oriana Fairy with presentations at Porto / Bolhão Theater, Teatro do Neiva, Torres Vedras Municipal Theater, Viriato Theater, Famalicão Arts House, Bragança Municipal Theater Torres Vedras Cine Theater.


    Premiere and presents “Suspiro” at the invitation of ESMAE Porto finalist students, a play based on the mythological argument Psique / Eros - based on texts by Roland Barthes, with a presentation at Teatro Helena Sá e Costa.

    Integrates the “Serralves em Festa ‘05” Programming with “Breakfast of the grass” a work produced by the students of the 2nd year of ACE.

    Together with João Pedro Vaz, he directs the collective project “Mapa”, presented at Rivoli Teatro Municipal, Casa das Artes de Famalicão, Casa da Água de Lisboa.


    At the invitation of the Serralves Foundation, he builds and presents “hands on mouth” integrated in the program parallel to the Paula Rego exhibition, and with a presentation at the Fundação Serralves Auditorium, a co-production with ACE / Teatro Bolhão.

    Integrates the “Serralves em Festa ‘04” Program with “Out of Service” a work produced by students of 2 & ordm; year of ACE.

    Stages and presents “the fairy fairy” by Sofia de Melo Breiner / production by Teatro do Bolhão, with presentation at CCB, and roaming through several Municipal Theaters (Bragança, Torres Noas, Torres Vedras, Viseu, Porto).


    Premiere “worse march” in TECA Teatro Carlos Alberto in Porto based on text by Samuel Beckett, a co-production ACE / Teatro Bolhão and Teatro Nacional S. João.

    Builds and presents “Que Conto?” from Petit Bleu, by Serge Leoni, at Teatro do Campo Alegre in Porto with students from 2 & ordm; year of Interpretation of the Contemporary Contemporary Academy.

    Premiere “stories with feet and hands” produced by Teatro do Campo Alegre in Porto, and presented at CCB Centro Cultural de Belém.


    Premiere “Runpelstilskin” at Casa das Artes Famalicão, a production by Teatro Mandágora and Esphera Teatro.

    Participates as an interpreter in the work “The pleasure of beauty” staged by Alessandro Libertini, a production by CPA / Centro Cultural de Belém.

    Premiere “Accompanied visit” at the invitation of the Pedagogy Center of Teatro Campo Alegre; opens and presents, at the invitation of Teatro Rivoli / Projecto Bairros, “António e Maria” with children from the Ramalde do Meio neighborhood.


    Premiere “B 602” from “Principezinho” by Saint Exupéri, at the Planetário do Porto, produced by Teatro do Campo Alegre;

    gives movement support to the play “At the time we didn't know anything about each other” staging by José Wallenstein / production Teatro S. João.


    Premiere “Champagne” video installation in collaboration with Helena Nogueira, integrated in the “Nijinski” program of the Campo Alegre theater, Porto.

    Premiere Cause / Effect in the large auditorium of Teatro Rivoli, co-production Teatro Rivoli / Ministry of Culture / As Boas Raparigas ...


    Premiere “Zaap!” in the Black Box of the Centro Cultural de Belém, co-production Centro Cultural de Belém / Ministry of Culture.

    For the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, he built the Andy Warhol performance / installation project “Emergências” (in partnership with José Carlos Coelho and Paulo Oliveira with the students of Academia Contemporânea de Show).

    Participates in the performance / improvisation with Vera Mantero (among others) integrated in the exhibition “CIRCA” at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Serralves Foundation.


    Premiere "Sombras" based on the text “Pioravante marche” by Samuel Beket, at the invitation of Teatro Rivoli with the finalist students of the Contemporary Contemporary Academy.


    Premiere "Picabia" for Centro de Pedagogia Artística at Centro Cultura de Belém.

    Choreographed "I am you as you are me" for the Meta Mortem Fase Theater Group in Porto.

    He is part of the creative team of the "Olharapos" Project for Expo 98.


    Participates in the "Pielas '94 Festival" in Salamanca with "small deaths".

    Presents "small deaths" at the Festival "New Moves Across Europe", Glasgow Scotland.

    Temporarily integrates the cast "first name Le" by Francisco Camacho.

    Choreographed "Tango" for the children's show "O Fantástico da Dança" produced by Forum Dança, Lisbon.


    Premiere "Registo" at the Contemporary Art Days of Porto.

    Presents "small deaths" at Centro Cultural de Belém.


    Builds "in-vitro" at the invitation of Casa de Serralves, Porto.

    Participate in the "Autumn Festival" in Madrid with "in-vitro".


    Participates in the Festival "Klapstuk" in Belgium, at the invitation of Europália with "Sustine et Abstine".

    Presents "Sustine et Abstine" at the National Theater D. Maria II at the invitation of Europália.

    Builds with Paula Massano "Parcelas" A B C + ", at the invitation of the ACARTE services of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

    Participates in the "Spring Dance" Netherlands Festival with "Mechanisms".


    Participates in the "Biennial of Young Creators from Mediterranean Europe" in Marseille with "Mechanisms".

    Premiere "Glória T." Coimbra University Biennial.


    It premiered in Porto "In tensions" and "Mechanisms" with which it came to win the seven golden revelation in Dance.

    Participates in the "Portuguese Exhibition" ACARTE Gulbenkian with "Mechanisms".

    Designed "1396 ppm" for the choreographic workshop of Madalena Victorino.


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